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Terms of Use

Welcome to the website of our company.

The purpose of the present article is to set out and write down the terms and conditions , which govern the use as a whole of the website of the Societe Anonyme with the trade name and the distinctive title “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”, which is seated in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Constantinoupoleos 94Str., i.e. of the website (hereinafter referred to as “the website”). The full and unreserved acceptance by the user of all the terms stated in the present article, which apply to the entire content of the site, is e prerequisite for the use of the website.

Provision of Information
“ST.TSIMPOS LTD” makes every possible effort, to the extent that this is feasible, to ensure that the information stated in the website and the entire content of the website are accurate, correct, clear, complete, available, up-to-date and adequate, but it cannot guarantee in any way whatsoever that all the above will be achieved.
“ST.TSIMPOS LTD” is in no way whatsoever and under no circumstances liable for any kind of damage, direct or consequential, liquidated or unliquidated, reliance damages, loss of future gains, restitution for emotional distress or for any other kind of damages which might in any way be incurred to the user of the website or to any third person by the use of the website or which are in any way directly or indirectly connected with the use of the website.
All information and other data made available to users through the website, insofar as they do not concern “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” itself, are gathered by “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” legally and lawfully, according to the legislation in force at any given time and are made available to the users of the website only and exclusively for information purposes. The information does not constitute or represent views of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”. By stating the above information, “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” does not in any way carry out an evaluation, assessment, adoption, acceptance or approval of the relevant information; the provision of the information via the website cannot be considered under any circumstances as constituting provision of advice or recommendation, offer, proposition or acceptance of proposition for concluding any contract or transaction with “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” or any third party. In general, the user of the website bears the sole responsibility for the use, evaluation, assessment and utilization of any information provided. The user makes any business or other decisions based on the information provided, at his exclusive individual liability and acts exclusively according to his discretion and free will. “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” is in no way whatsoever liable in order for the recovery or restitution of any kind of damage by the use of the information provided via the website.
The information, documents and relevant graphic images published at the website may contain technical inaccuracies or misprints. The above information will be revised periodically. “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” reserves the right to make improvements and/or changes to the services described in the website and to its content.

Description of services
“ST.TSIMPOS LTD” makes every possible effort for the most accurate possible description of the services appearing in its website. “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” is not liable under any circumstances whatsoever, even in case of negligence, in the event the content of its website is inaccurate, incomplete, not up-to-date or mistaken in general.

Right to make changes
“ST.TSIMPOS LTD” constantly reserves the right to make any changes whatsoever to its website, its commercial policy and the Terms of Use, whenever it considers of the above as necessary.

Links to the webpages of third parties
The website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” may offer its users the opportunity to move via special connections (indicatively: links, hyperlinks, banners) to websites of third parties, the content of which is formed at the exclusive responsibility of the third parties. “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” does not guarantee the availability of the above websites at any given time and does not approve or is liable for the content, correctness, legitimacy, completeness, actuality and accuracy of the information stated in the above websites, or for the quality and the features of the products or services provided by the third parties via the above websites. “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” is under no circumstances liable for errors or operating faults of the above websites. “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” also is not liable for any damage of the users, which may be incurred by the access to and use of the information, services and products provided via the above websites of the third parties. “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” provides the above links solely as convenience to its users and the fact that any link is included in its website does not mean under any circumstances that “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” agrees with the content, the function or the form of the website of the third party.

E – mail Service
The website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” offers its users the opportunity to subscribe to the “e-mail service”, exclusively in case the users wish to subscribe. The present service aims at sending e-mail messages, which will contain instructive, informative and advertising material of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”, to the users interested. The aim of the above material will be to inform the users concerning the services of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” and to promote the relevant services, as well as to improve the services offered by “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” to the users of the website.
The users will subscribe to the “e-mail service” of the website after completing a special pre-formulated application form, which is provided for at the website and which will include several fields to be completed by the users interested. The completion of certain fields is compulsory, in order for the user to subscribe to the present service, while the completion of other fields is optional. In any case, the users are informed as to which fields must be completed, in order to subscribe to the above service.
The subscription to the “e-mail service” by the users interested, does not under any circumstances constitute transfer of any right of intellectual and/or industrial property to the subscribed users; the above rights always remain protected by the Greek and EC legislation as well as by the rules of international conventions.
The acceptance of the application for the subscription to the “e-mail service”, as well as the striking off of any subscribed user from the above service at any given time remains at the absolute discretion of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” .

Intellectual and Industrial Property rights
The content of the website as a whole, including indicatively programs of any nature, services provided, informative material of any nature, texts, news, digital files, data, software, images, graphics, photographs, trade-marks, brand names, logos, representations, diagrams, distinctive titles etc., is intellectual and/or industrial property of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” or of its lawful beneficiary and is protected by the provisions of the Greek and European legislation in force and of international conventions.
Any duplication of any form, any analog/digital recording and mechanic or other reproduction, transmission, alteration, resale, creation of derivative work or misleading of the public concerning the real provider of the content of the website, as well as any alteration, publication, republication, dissemination or transmission, transfer, sale, distribution, presentation, connection, download, act of saving, publication, republication, notification, translation or alteration in any other way, collection and/or exploitation of the content of the website, fully or partly and/or as a summary, in any way or means for commercial or other purposes, or the use of the website in any other way to the benefit of any third party or for a different purpose from the purpose, for which “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” destines the website, is forbidden, without the prior specific written permission of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” or of the lawful beneficiary of the above intellectual property rights. Only as an exclusion, it is permitted to copy and save only parts of the content of the website, to a strictly personal PC of the user and under the precondition that the origin of those parts of the website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” will always be stated. The above act of partial copying and saving can take place solely for strictly personal use of the user, expressly excluding any other form of usage, indicatively commercial statistical etc. This possibility for partial copying and saving of parts of the content of the website does not constitute under any circumstances any form of granting of intellectual and/or industrial property rights to the user.
Names, images, logos, trade-marks, trade-names and distinctive signs of any nature, representing “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” and/or its website and/or third parties, contractually bound or connected in any way with “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”, as well as their products or services, are exclusively trade-marks and distinctive signs of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” and/or the above third parties respectively and are protected by the Greek, EC and International laws and rules on trade-marks and intellectual and industrial property. In any case, their appearance and exposition in the website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” cannot be considered as transfer or concession of any permit or right of use in general.

Function of the website
“ST.TSIMPOS LTD” does not under any circumstances guarantee the incessant and correct function of the website and of its content in general.
Despite the fact that “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” uses anti-virus software against viruses, which can harm personal computers, it does not guarantee that the functions of the website and/or the servers and/or the sites, through which the users receive the content of the website, will be fully free of any kind of viruses and other applications, codes, files and programs, which can harm PCs, according to the above-mentioned, and “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” is not under any circumstances liable for any loss of data or for any other damage, including indicatively direct, indirect, random, coincidental and consequential damages of the user or of any third party, which (i.e. the damage) is due either to the use or to copying or to downloading or to the corruption or infection by viruses or to other unauthorized interventions by third parties in files and data made available through the website. The user of the website bears personally and entirely the full and exclusive responsibility for the protection of his/her system against viruses and any other applications, codes, files or programs, which may cause any damages or malfunction of any kind to the user’s electronic system in general and to any asset, of which the user or any third party is the owner or the holder.

User Conduct and Responsibility
Users of the website are obliged to respect and follow the rules of the Greek, European and International law in force and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications and must refrain from any illegal and/or abusive behavior during each use of the website and in relation to use of the website, as well as from adoption and application of any practice of unfair competition and from any other illegal practices. Users of the website must have a civil and discreet conduct during each visit to the website and for as long as the visit lasts. The user of the website is liable for any damage caused to the website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” as a result of malicious, improper or illegal use of the website and the services provided thereby. In the event “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” finds itself involved in any litigation or any claim is pursued against it before any Court or administrative authority or it is required to pay any kind and amount of compensation or any other amount, as a result of a breach by the user of the obligations set out in the present terms and the legislation in force, the user shall: a) intervene in the relevant Court proceedings in favour of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”; and b) compensate directly, fully and completely “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” for the above reason.
In the event, in which the user is required to use and/or type in the specified fields a security code (PIN) provided by “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”, in order to have access to certain information or data, included in the website, the user is solely responsible for securing the confidentiality of his/her code or codes and is solely, fully and personally responsible for any risk of damage to himself/herself and/or to “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” resulting from access of any third party in any way to his/her code or codes.
The users of the website accept that they shall not use the website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” for the sending, publication, sending via e-mail or transmission in any other way of any content, which is illegal, threatening, insulting, libelous, slanderous, vulgar, indecent, any content which violates in any way the secrecy of any third person, any content which expresses political views, philosophical beliefs, race, ethnic, religious or any other discrimination, any content which may cause any harm to minors in any way, which is not permitted to be transmitted according to the legislation in force or the contractual relationships between “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” and the user [indicatively any kind of internal and/or confidential information, acquired or revealed to the user within the framework of or in the pretext of any working relationships, or covered by confidentiality agreements], any content which violates any invention, trade-mark, trade-secret, intellectual property right, industrial property right, or any other property right of third parties, any content which contains software viruses or any other codes, files, programs or applications which have been designed aiming at the full or partial, final or temporary discontinuation, the cause of any damage or malfunction, the full or partial destruction or the alteration in any way of the function of any software or computer material, which constitutes a breach of the Greek and EC legislation in force and of its provisions as well as of the rules of international law, which can harass third parties in any way, and in general any content used for the collection or storage or processing in any way of personal data concerning other users.
Minors are allowed to use the website only after the express consent of the persons, who have the custody of the above minors according to the law.

Amendment of the terms of use
“ST.TSIMPOS LTD” reserves the right to amend unilaterally at any given time, without any prior notification of the users, the present Terms of Use and the content of the website, solely by announcing the terms by means of the website, and the users are obliged on each occasion they visit the website to check for any such changes and amendments of the Terms of Use of the website and, in case they continue to use the website, it is presumed that they have accepted all the amendments, which may have taken place.

Applicable Law
The website has been created and is controlled by “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”; the Greek Law is applicable in connection to the use and the function of the above website in general. The visitors of the website “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” automatically agree that the present Terms of Use are governed by the Laws of the Greek State concerning any dispute, which may arise and which is directly or indirectly related to the use and function of the website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD”. The courts of Athens are the competent courts for the resolution of any dispute, which may arise and which is directly or indirectly related to the use and function of the website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” or arises by pretext of its function.
The invalidity of any term of the present does not under any circumstances result in the invalidity of the whole of the present Terms of Use.

If the user chooses to have access to the website of “ST.TSIMPOS LTD” from a different country, the user has the full and exclusive responsibility to keep and to abide by the Law of that country, in parallel with Greek Legislation.