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> 27/12/2011

Inversion Therapy

New inversion systems for therapy to patients with spine problems and disks pathologies. Inversion therapy is a verified therapy modality with proven results. However in Greece its applications are not very common due to the lack of knowledge of the therapy centers. Which we are going to try and change it!


> 15/11/2011

New installations of Shockwave and Decompression Systems during the last quarter of 2011. An important role in the process of training new therapists to the above therapies is the interconnection of the user with therapy centers all over Greece that our company has developed. There he can address his question about therapy information, clinical cases and receive answers from specialzed therapists.


> 21/10/2011

St.Tsimpos Ltd's technical department with a high level of specialized staff, continuous training, organization and infrastructure gains the recognition and trust of our partners by assigning to us the technical support of their products for the area of South East Europe.


> 13/10/2011

"Can Decompression Therapy help patients with Scoliosis?"

This question comes up often during Dr.Bryan's Hawley speeches in seminars. Dr.Hawley is the chief medical advisor of Pivotal Health Solutions corp. and his first clinical results of treatment scoliosis with the use of the Decompression System DOC are encouraging. A big share of the effectiveness lies with the unique features of DOC that allows the doctor to perform 3-D spinal mobilization.

> 28-29/05/2011

A successful meeting sponsored and organized by our company, was conducted on the 28th and 29th of May on the subject of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. The 2-day scientific event took place in the Conference Hall Aristotelis of the Macedonia Palace hotel, in Thessaloniki. It draw the attention of more than 50 participants from Greece and Cyprus who all came to gain better knowledge and trained in the use of Shockwaves for musculoskeletal disorders and the Richard Wolf units.

The praising remarks of the participants about the organization, the scientific program and the workshop allow us the conclusion that our efforts met their expectations. Special gratitude to Dr-Med.Muller-Ehrenberg for his fine speech and the hands-on applications on ESWT and TPST.

> 30/11/2010

For one more year ST.TSIMPOS has participated in the Annual Physiotherapy Association Congress. It has become a tradition for the last 5 years. A lot of friends and partners came by and were informed about the latest evolvements.

This event was held in the building of the Greek Health Ministry (MPC) at Marousi Athens from 26 to 28th of November 2010 with the title "Clinical and Physiotherapy Approach of the Neuro-operated and Orthopaedic Patient - Modern Insights".

> 03/06/2010

Successful participation to the 12th Mediterranean Congress for Medical Informatics and Biomedical Engineering - MEDICON 2010 under the auspice of IFMBE - International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering. The congress was held in the hotel complex of Porto Carras, Chalkidiki. The beautful landscape and the interesting research news made the experience a delight one.

In parallel with MEDICON 2010, was held also the 7th European Symposium of Biomedical Engineering (7th ESBME).

ST.TSIMPOS presented the products of BIOPAC Systems who pioneers in digital systems for acquisition and processing of biological signals, with state of the art solutions being used from accredited reasearch labs and universities across the world.

> 26/03/2010

Company event: Workshop with subject "Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy - techniques and therapy applications". This event was run during the 10th International and 8th Greek-Cyprus Congress of the Greek Sports Medicine Company. ST.TSIMPOS promoted its products also with a booth during the congress.

During the workshop, the participants gained knowledge about the therapy with shockwaves and its exquisite clinical results. The presentaions were done by current users of Richard Wolf units who has successfully implemented ESWT and TPST to their therapy arsenal and we would like to thank them for the information their shared with us.

The congress was held in the Art House of the City of Veroia, North Greece, from 19 to 21 of March 2010.

> 20/1/2010

Participation with a booth in the trade hall of the 11th Greek Congress of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. This is the 3rd consecutive year that we took part to this event and we presented the latest therapy systems like Deep Oscillation Evident, Piezowave, Wellwave, Accupuncture products and others.

The title of the congress was "From Injury to Socail Integration - Unveiling Ariadne's Roadmap" from 15-16 of January 2010, at the beautiful hotel Astir Palace, in Vouliagmeni, Athens.